System integration concept

We have used our expertise in Logistics, Workshop Services, and the supply chain to develop proven bespoke software solutions.

The aim of which are simple, easy to access, easy to use, providing maximum efficiency, control and visibility of your operations and business processes.  Built to your specifications for your business, we consult with you to develop the system you want and need, allowing you to enter, capture and report on all your vital business data.

We don’t just stop there.  We are always on hand to help your systems develop and grow as your business does, providing ongoing support and consultation.

Our software solutions are proven in Organisations such as Barclays Bank, where their entire UK IT Estate was managed and controlled using a bespoke system written specifically for them.  The system we supplied to Zurich improved their stock control and asset management by almost 50% and the Software Portal we developed for PayPal allowed data capture of up to 25 possible reasons for return, where previously there were 2.  Allowing for the capture of an average of 60% of products returned with “No Fault Found” that could be re-deployed with huge cost savings.

Adapted for businesses large and small our software solutions could prove to be the perfect tool to help control your business.

If you have any issues regards the control, visbilty or data retrieved from your business operations, please just give us a call or fill in our contact form