Value Add Logistics

Exigo offer a range of Value Add Services. These services allow our customers to greatly expand their offering, without any major additional investment or set up, and allows them to stand out from their competition.

For our retail customers we can offer a range of services that can assist with brand development, product development, product adaptation and timely logistics & delivery

For Manufacturers our Value Add services can bolster or expand their manufacturing process, add flexibility to manufacturing, reduce manufacturing issues and improve product quality.

For B2B/Service Customers our Value Add services can generally improve your service levels, offer a large amount of flexibility & diversity and allow them to react quickly to industry change and customer demand

Adding Value & going that extra mile comes naturally at Exigo.  Just some of our Value Add services include:

  • Software Configuration & Loading
  • Labelling
  • Kitting & Product Preparation
  • Re-working & Re-packaging
  • Bespoke Returns Testing & Quality Checks
  • “No Fault Found” Testing
  • Product Inspection & Compliance
  • Data Capture
  • Product & New Store Launches
  • Container De-Stuffing
  • Secure Destruction
  • PAT Testing

We are often asked, and relish the opportunity, to provide services a little bit out of the ordinary, or specialists projects, so please contact us regards any requirements you may have:

Tel: 01297 561109