Returns Management & Reverse Logistics

Our Philosophy on Returns

As on-line business continues to grow so does the volume of returns, putting extra pressure on you the retailer or supplier.  Here at Exigo we relieve the pressure by effectively managing returns, helping retain brand reputation, increase customer confidence and satisfaction, and most importantly letting you focus on increasing your sales and growing market position.

We aim to be as flexible as we can and work closely with our customers and partners to develop bespoke services which fully fit your business and returns policies.  We are not a one size fit’s all!

What is important to us is giving your customers confidence that if they need to return an item, it is a simple, quick and easy process.  A positive product returns experience every time

With 25% – 40% of online purchases being returned, Exigo’s services will ensure you are in the strongest position to compete with your competitors. Our returns services offer:

  • A positive Customer experience & Increased Customer loyalty
  • Reduced risks and complexities in your supply chain
  • Improved product availability and cash flow

Our Reverse Logistics Services aim to also capture the maximum amount of data regards the reverse movements of products. Exigo can offer bespoke systems, designed to capture exactly the data our customers require.

“Customers are the most important part of your business.  Let them be ours too!!!”

To hear about our range of Reverse Logistics Services and how we can support a key element of your supply chain, please contact us.

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