Returns Management & Reverse Logistics

We take the headache out of your returns process!

Exigo have years of experience in reverse logistics, offering a simple, efficient, agile, and importantly, visible service for all your product returns.

Our services ensure that your returned items are being managed properly and your customers looked after or your field based teams correctly supported, in what is still a vital part of any business today.

We can perform anything from basic warranty management through to more complex returns for customers, including product screening and testing for “No Fault Found”, data capture and data wiping. Assets that are normally perceived as end of life or faulty, can then continue to add value to your business through either re-introduction in to the supply chain or re-sale through our brokerage services.

As an average Exigo find that just over 50% of products returned actually show “No Fault Found”. Exigo act as the Policeman in the Supply Chain to capture these so they can be re-used and re-distributed to continue to add value to your business.

Our Reverse Logistics Services aim to also capture the maximum amount of data regards the reverse movements of products. Exigo can offer bespoke systems, designed to capture exactly the data our customers require.
Key elements of our Reverse Logistics Services:

• Average of 50% of returned Product Showing No Fault Found
• Bespoke services designed for your exact requirements.
• Specialisms in Returns for Electronics manufacturers and retailers
• Specialisms in Returns from Field staff and Engineers with full reverse logistics planning
• Specialised product Testing
• Data Capture & Reporting
• Data Wiping & Disposal

To hear about our range of Reverse Logistics Services and how we can support a key element of your supply chain, please contact us.

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