Logistics & Outsourcing

Flexible and Adaptable Logistics

At Exigo we specialise in both Forward & Reverse Logistics, offering flexible and often bespoke solutions that our competitors often struggle to accommodate.  We understand that every business & industry is different, and take real enjoyment from really getting to know our customers to determine their exact requirements.  We believe that addressing and overcoming the small complexities as well as the standard requirements is the key to a successful supply chain, and therefore offer services that embrace the little things that differentiate our customers from their competitors, to supply our customers with services that fit their exact needs.

Reverse Logistics

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We take the headache out of your returns process!

Exigo have years of experience in reverse logistics, offering a simple, efficient, and importantly, visible service so you know your products are being managed properly and your customers looked after, in what is still a vital part of any business today.

We can perform anything from basic warranty management through to more complex returns including product screening and testing for “No Fault Found”, data capture and data wiping.  Assets that are normally perceived as end of life or faulty, can then continue to add value to your business through either re-introduction in to the supply chain or re-sale through our brokerage services.

As an average Exigo find that just over 60% of products returned actually show “No Fault Found”.  Exigo act as the Policeman in the Supply Chain to capture these so they can be re-used and re-distributed to continue to add value to your business.

Our Reverse Logistics Services aim to also capture the maximum amount of Data regards the reverse Movements of products.  Exigo can offer bespoke systems, designed to capture exactly the data our customers require.

Key elements of our Reverse Logistics Services:

  • Average of 60% of returned Product Showing No Fault Found
  • Bespoke services designed for your exact Requirements.
  • Specialised product Testing
  • Data Capture & Reporting
  • Data Wiping & Disposal

Brokerage Services

Everyday companies remove old, redundant equipment or products and may feel their only option is to dispose of it.  There can often be value in these items.  Our brokerage services offer the opportunity for businesses to clear down their unwanted assets and inject some cash back in to their business.  We are specialists in the IT Market but our processes are flexible enough to accommodate a range of products.

Forward Logistics

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Yes the end result is usually the same, successful delivery of a product to its correct destination, but there are often complexities in between and the supply chain isn’t always straight forward.  We determine each individual customer’s requirements and offer flexible and adaptable services to suit.
Anything from ongoing contracts to individual projects and roll outs large or small, we provide a full range of services that often our competitors either aren’t flexible enough to achieve, or just simply don’t want to accommodate.

Our Services include:

  • Fulfilment services with real time Visibility & control
  • Product Preparation
  • Software upgrades
  • Repackaging and re-work, ideal for cross channel or re-branding
  • Development services to help our customers expand in to on-line or new markets.


Again all our services are transparent, aimed at capturing and processing any data you need.

We love a challenge and like doing the things that are either just that little bit different or too complex for others to deal with, so would love to talk to you about any requirements you may have.

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