Logistics & Outsourcing

Flexible & Adaptable Logistics!

We specialise in both Forward & Reverse Logistics.  Outsourcing to Exigo means working with a dedicated, flexible partner, that offers services personal to you, your business and your customers.

We assist our customers with either Specific areas or offer a full end to end Supply Chain Solution, working with all of our customers as trusted partners. We understand just how critical a part logistics plays and are continuously developing our services in line with ongoing changes, trends, and our customers businesses and requirements

Our aim is to make our customers lives as simple as possible and allow them to focus on the growth of their business, whilst leaving the day to day operations to us.

Outsourcing your Logistics and Operations to Exigo can mean numerous benefits including:

  • A large Network of Expert Resources
  • Massive Cost Savings on Infrastructure, including Warehouse Space, Trained Staff, IT Systems & Technology, Transportation
  • Decreased Risk. Using our expert services means you instantly can operate to the highest level, with no mistakes and instant access to an established logistics network meaning a higher return on your investment
  • Decreased Responsibility. Large Financial Savings aside, you can focus on the growth of your business and leave the day to day operations to our expert staff
  • Industry Expertise. We can focus on Storing and Managing your product, catching all required data, Daily admin tasks, pick, pack and ship, best carrier selection, customs clearance, managing successful delivery, customer returns.  The list goes on
  • Scalability & Flexibility. You will have a totally flexible business operation that can scale and flex when required in terms of space, staff, transportation, Seasonal adjustments, and allow you to enter new markets quickly and easily

To find out how outsourcing your logistics and operations to Exigo can benefit you please contact us:

Tel: 01297 561109

Email: sales@exigoservicesolutions.com