IT Systems & Integration

More so than ever, IT Plays a key role in fulfilment services.  Our services are designed to be as transparent and flexible as possible to give you the maximum amount of control and visibility over your assets and service.

At Exigo we can process your items through our in-house systems, design bespoke systems to fit your business, offer front end portals for you and your customers, or if required we operate using our customers own ERP Software systems if requested.

We currently supply a wide range of software systems to Organisations that perhaps have a customer facing, sales website set up, but perhaps not a back-office type solution to control their stock and service.

For other customers we offer both the front-end portal, allowing them to order items they select, that then feeds in to our own internal systems for pick, pack and dispatch.  Whilst for others we supply very in-depth end to end solutions that include manufacture right through to delivery, and catch all the key data and elements along the way.

Our systems can also integrate with third party e-commerce platforms & shopping carts such as Ebay, Amazon, Shopify and many more, whilst also having the ability to link with all the main parcel carriers.  The whole aim being to make our customers lives as simple and clear as possible and guarantee efficiency and cost effectiveness

To hear how we can work with you to implement the best solution for your business.

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