Businesses with Field based Staff

Many Organisations operate with staff based out of the office.  Perhaps with Sales staff, account managers, engineers or response teams.  For many organisations it’s a core part of their business & service, and gives them the edge over their competitors, whilst keeping them in close contact with their client base.  Fully supporting these valuable team members in every way is often key to success.

Very often these valuable staff members need equipment or products to allow them to operate successfully.  More and more these days organisations want to work on as lean a basis as possible, without masses of stock at high costs with vans and cars loaded with excess items.  This can also lead to problems regards visibility and control of items that your field teams may need and use.  Perhaps you deal with high value items or even data sensitive items, and therefore need a trusted partner to assist with the management, timely shipment and when required reverse journey of those parts.

Organisations & their field based employees only really want to be carrying and managing essential items, and therefore need the items they are holding to be well managed, visible to the correct people, and shipped to them in a timely, and cost-effective manner, that best fits with what they are trying to achieve, and with minimum disruption to their working day.  In addition, there needs to be flexible and workable options for your staff to return items.

Exigo’s flexible range of services designed in close consultation with you can assist in various ways including:

  • Carrier selection, to select the best carrier per shipment based on requirements and cost
  • Domestic and overseas options available from parcels to pallets to full loads
  • Timed, special deliveries, out of hours, boot drops.
  • Access to drop boxes and FSL Networks for maximum flexibility
  • Maximum flexibility and visibility of stock
  • Full range of reverse logistics services including returns and warranty management

To find out how we can fully support your field teams and your business, please contact us we would love to hear from you

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