E-Commerce & Fulfilment

With so much business being done online, and often the best way to reach & supply your customers being through e-commerce sales, you need to ensure you are able to fulfil your customers orders efficiently and cost effectively, whilst being able to scale, flex & adapt to allow your business to grow.

As a business that sells online, how you interact with your customers is key for reputation & repeat business.  Customer demand and expectations when it comes to service and delivery are at a constant high, and to keep up with your competition you have to get it right.

Outsourcing your logistics & e-commerce fulfilment to Exigo will ensure your valuable customers receive the highest levels of service, and will allow you to focus your attentions on the growth of your business.

Let us remove the need for additional, costly infrastructure.  Avoid the hassle and cost of warehousing, additional staff, and managing carriers.  We want to be partners, not suppliers, and we realise that every business is different, with different complexities & requirements, and at Exigo we embrace these to offer a highly personalised service.

We take great pleasure in working with our customers and watching them grow.  Working with people from a wide range of industries, of varying sizes.  Exigo won’t impose any minimum order quantities or ongoing fixed costs, and we offer maximum transparency for all our services to give you full visibility of your assets and how they are performing

Exigo can act as an extension of your business, as a trusted partner to take care of your operations, and give you piece of mind and the freedom to grow and develop your business.

Please call us to discuss how we can partner together and grow your business.

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Email: sales@exigoservicesolutions.com