Value Add & Specialist Fulfilment

Value Add Logistics & Specialist Fulfilment for a leading Organisation in the Dynamic Energy Demand Industry


I. Introductions, Requirements & Problems


Our customer, a major & pioneering Company in the dynamic energy demand industry, approached Exigo to assist with the overall management and control of their stock

As a London based business covering the whole of the UK, with a range of commissioning and field engineers, and install teams, they were struggling with the management of their stock in general. Ensuring that stock was arriving with these teams or at critical sites on time to avoid customer disappointment and costly visits to sites without the vital equipment required.

Their central London location and limited office space meant they were storing items in cupboards as well as relying on their manufacturers and suppliers to hold and dispatch stock on their behalf.  This meant stock was spread throughout the UK and being distributed by Organisations who didn’t specialise in timely logistics, as well as putting huge strain on administrative resources to call stock of from numerous places and locations to ensure it arrives on time with all stock required. Leading to a very complex and intensive project management process.

In addition our customer contracted a panel builder based in Europe and were also struggling with visibility and control of their stock held there, as well as a lack of control and visibility of the panel build process.

In summary there was an overall situation of widespread stock and our customer was very unsure of what items they had and where they were.  In turn this meant numerous additional costs for storage, administration, project management as well as numerous products being unused, wasted, or over ordered.

The widespread stock also led to numerous failed installs and engineer visits at very high monetary cost, along with some dissatisfied customers.


II. The Solution


Exigo worked very closely with our customer, their suppliers, manufacturers, engineers and installers to centralise all stock to the Exigo warehouse. Immediately giving our customer full visibility via an online portal and daily reporting of exactly what their stock holding was. Exigo recorded all relevant serial numbers and Sku’s as well as performing both Engineers and installer stock amnesties to capture any parts held in the field

Our customer could then place one order for all parts required for a site visit or install in one place, through one point of contact, instead of having to contact several suppliers.  Exigo also provided full visibility of all shipments, including details regards the site, parts, serial numbers, licenses where required and full tracking details, drastically improving the process overnight.  As many sites were large, industrial sites, Exigo also worked with our customers, customers, to arrange successful delivery to sites with very strict delivery criteria.


III. The Results


Exigo could immediately centralise all stock items which greatly reduced storage, administrative and project management costs for our customer.  Our customer was also immediately given a clear view of exactly what stock they had available, making the overall management of their stock, and entire Operations process far easier to control and monitor.

Any orders placed were shipped as one whole order from the Exigo central store, meaning shipments arrived complete and on time.  Exigo could determine the best carrier to use, whilst contacting and working with all receiving sites to manage deliveries.

Exigo also acted as a central store for all inbound stock including engineer and site returns, as well as new stock from suppliers and manufacturers.

Our customer was able then to re-allocate resources away from the administrative side of their business to focus on growth.

The bespoke online portal designed by Exigo for our customer provided total visibility on all stock and their movements, and also included a panel build area that Exigo provided to our Customers European panel build partner, which then gave full visibility of the panel build process.  This allowed Exigo to ship component parts for specific panel builds based on a BOM supplied by our customer.  Once received by the panel builder they could then allocate parts to panels so our customer could see what components made up a certain panels.  Once panels were completed Exigo then arranged collection and return of these panels to the Exigo central store ready for distribution to site, engineers or installers.  The entire process, and all stock movements was then visible to our customer via their online portal.

In addition, Exigo also provided full visibility of new stock received from suppliers as well as a fully managed returns process, including data wiping of certain data sensitive items and full warranty management of parts or secure disposal when required.

Exigo’s services also lead to significant cost savings for our customer.  Our customer reported a saving of £25,000.00 using the Exigo online portal and services to manage and identify SIM Card stock.  Determining which cards were faulty, redundant or sitting unused.  As well as an average saving of £1,000.00 per panel build, our customer made significant savings regards storage and shipping costs.