Software Configuration & Product Preparation

Value Add Forward Logistics, Software Configuration & Product Preparation for a major global manufacturer & supplier of technology products


I. Introductions, Requirements & Problems


Our Customer, a major supplier of technology products within the Point of Sale & payments industry, approached Exigo looking for a value add logistics partner who could offer them a range of reactive and flexible services to assist them with product roll outs, software configuration and product fulfilment.

As an organisation who manufacturers thousands of units per week, on occasions the entire manufacturing process was not able to be completed.  Often because their end customer hadn’t supplied the required software or another key element required to complete the manufacturing process.  In these instances, our customer required a partner who could react at short notice and offer flexible services, often different every time, to complete the process after manufacture, prior to shipping to the end customer.


II. The Solution


Exigo worked very closely with our customer to gain as detailed an understanding of their products, their industry and their various potential requirements.  Over time we set up a range of processes focused on accuracy, data capture and speed to efficiently and effectively process units through our workshops.

Exigo carefully trained their team members in various elements of all the possible services, processing up to 5000 units per week, through our workshops, with products either loaded with software, serial numbers changed, units tested, or units re-worked or re-packaged.


III. The Results


Exigo are now positioned as a reactive & flexible partner in our customers manufacturing process & supply chain.  With the ability to quickly process large quantities of units through various services at very short notice.

Our services have given their overall manufacturing process flexibility, which they have, in turn, been able to pass on to their customers.  Exigo’s flexibility means a wide range of services can be performed on a wide range of products.  Exigo then use their network of trusted partners to offer a full suite of logistics services to distribute products all over the world.

In addition it has meant that products have not been held up at the end of the manufacturing process with our customer reporting large savings against storage costs, where they have been able to avoid high storage charges placed on them at the manufacturing facilities

Our services have also provided benefit to our customers overseas clients, with Exigo having managed various projects overseas for our customer through to completion.