Dedicated Transport

Improved Transport & Delivery Network For A Major Financial Institution


I.      Introductions, Requirements & Problems


Our Customer, a major Financial Institution, tasked us with managing their IT Estate across the UK.  Acting as a boomerang store we supplied our customer with services that allowed us to act as the kick off point for both new & refurbished equipment.  Exigo would receive in stock from their major supplier.  Upon receipt all, parts were booked in to a bespoke system written for the customer and serial and part numbers recorded, so that the journey of each individual product could be tracked throughout its life.  Parts were distributed to 5 main sites across the UK, Where they were then imaged by the customer’s technical team, before being dispatched by courier to the end user.  In addition we also acted as the return point for products, conducting a specific testing process with the aim of
re-introducing stock to the supply chain as efficiently as possible.

A major area of concern for our customer was the movement of stock between the 5 main sites across the country.  There current solution was to use a courier partner, however the courier partner, who’s SLA was 98%, had dropped to an average of 85%, and the average monthly Bill was £15,000.  There were also major concerns with our customer being a Financial Institution that the sensitive data on their IT Equipment was being passed through a standard courier network, which caused our customer concerns regards security


II.     The Solution


Exigo, were already running a dedicated vehicle service to each site once a week, to replenish the individual sites with stock, with the two main sites visited 2-3 times per week.  We consulted with our customer and proposed that this dedicated vehicle be capitalised upon as a valuable resource to improve and streamline the service, improve security and reduce costs.

Our proposal was that the dedicated vehicle, visit the two main sites in the country on a daily basis, whilst still visiting the other sites once per week.  Our standard replenishment service would continue, but in addition the sites could also ship with the driver any parts that would normally be shipped through the courier network.  We would offer a free cross docking service which would take place either every evening upon return to our premises or even on the vehicle that same day.  Therefore the main site visited in the morning that may have equipment for the other site visited later that day, could pass the driver those items and they would be delivered later that day. As opposed to sending them with the courier partner where delivery would go through an open parcel network and take 1-2 days.

In addition an internal delivery cross dock function was added to the inventory management system, meaning all this movements were still completely tracked


III.   The Results


Exigo introduced a service that addressed the issues and concerns of the customer, drastically improving the security and speed of the service, whilst also dramatically reducing monthly costs, leading to:

Vastly Improved SLA’s

Many Items delivered same day as opposed to within 1-2 Days

A completely secure dedicated service with no need to use the open courier networks

An instant average saving on courier costs of £14,000 per month, £168.000 Per annum

Improved visibility of the movement of stock

Vastly reduced administrative work to manage and control numerous courier drivers and deliveries