Fulfilment & Stock Management With a Front End Customer Portal

Fulfilment & Stock Management Services with a Front End Customer Portal for a major Specialist Pharmaceutical Company


I. Introductions, Requirements & Problems


Our Customer, a major specialist Pharmaceutical Company, required a reliable dedicated supplier to manage, control and supply their marketing material and literature to their internal staff, sales teams & direct to end users, including Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses & patients, as well as providing full support for exhibitions and events.


II. The Solution


Exigo met with our customer to determine what issues they had been through in the past with previous suppliers.  This ensured any future issues could be eradicated and also allowed us to determine all of our customers requirements for the future, meaning the service and IT Platform could be specifically designed whilst allowing flexibility for the future

Exigo designed a bespoke IT Platform in consultation with our customer, that all approved members of staff could access via a secure login.  Access was granted to a front-end portal, allowing our customers internal and field sales staff to easily access, view in an online catalogue, and then place orders for marketing material and literature.  As the portal was often used by staff in the field we ensured that that portal was mobile friendly, allowing team members to easily place orders on the go.  Exigo then pick all selected orders, before selecting the most efficient, cost effective carriers dependent upon requirements to then ship the products same day.


III. The Results


Exigo were able to audit and receipt all items and correct the numerous stock discrepancies, when we first received the contract in to our central store, finding that across all Sku’s, more than 50% were showing inaccurate stock levels as reported by the previous supplier.

Having correctly counted and corrected all quantities the real stock levels were then visible to our customer via their on-line portal, and daily reporting, and the accuracy then maintained with ongoing cyclic counting, meaning each location is counted at least 4 times per year with now 99% accuracy.

Exigo also worked with our customer to put in place minimum stock levels and reserve items, based on usage and lead times, to give the maximum amount of visibility and control to account managers

Exigo now guarantee that any orders placed up to 5pm are picked, packed and shipped the same day for next business day delivery, leading to a vastly improved customer experience