Fulfilment Services B2B

Fulfilment Services B2B


I.      Introductions, Requirements & Problems


Our customer, a fast growing business in the energy market place, had restructured their business with focus on selling their product portfolio in a very competitive and fast growing market place.

As they operated from serviced offices and started to grow they found that a lot of the expensive office space was being taken up by their products and a lot of valuable time was being wasted managing stock and picking and dispatching orders.  In addition they were finding it difficult to maintain visibility of shipments and products after they had been sold and shipped, and in turn found it difficult to deal with product returns

Initially worried about making the step towards using a 3rd party to manage their stock & logistics, Exigo met with our customer and discussed their current activity, and showed our customer what could be achieved and the possible costs to see where savings could be made


II.     The Solution


Initially our customer placed a small amount of stock with us, just a few shelves, to see how the service would operate and the benefits it could bring.  Exigo began recording all stock in at the point of receipt, including serial numbers, and any other data where required, such as licences and ID Numbers.  Exigo would then pick, pack and ship upon request whilst providing full visibility of the service, instantly giving our customer  a full view of which items had gone where, whilst also vastly improving the speed and ability to successfully manage any returns.


III.   The Results


In the space of under 2 years our customers business has doubled and Exigo now store between 8 to 10 full racks of stock.  Exigo offered the ability for our customer to completely focus on sales and marketing and the growth of their business.

Exigo offered major cost reductions regards storage in comparison to expensive office space, and in fact it has given our customer full freedom to base themselves wherever they wish, day to day

Exigo have also developed a range of value add services for our customer, including kiting, labelling and product preparation.  Alongside full visibility of the service end to end.

Exigo’s experience has also allowed our customer to expand their sales to overseas markets, and they are now forecasting the business to double in size again over the next 12 months

And Exigo also assist with the management of all customer returns to improve the overall customer experience and are in discussion with our customer to offer fault finding testing on some customer returns.